Winfried Bönig is playing in Cologne Cathedral
In Paris, Olivier Latry welcomes you among others.
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The 1st International Online Organ Festival does not have the word “International” in its name for nothing. From 18.4. to 1.5.2022 we will take you on a wonderful journey through the organ world.

For example, there will be a concert film from the Bach Festival in Leipzig. In Cologne Cathedral, Winfried Bönig will be playing for you on the Klais organ.

In Paris, Olivier Latry will welcome you with a detailed interview, interesting concert excerpts and a surprise concert.

Our journey continues to Vienna, where Konstantin Reymaier will give a unique concert in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

You can also look forward to two great concerts from the Amsterdam Organ Park with the pieces “Liquid” and “HyperOrgan”.

The journey of the 1st International Online Organ Festival will also take you to Finland, where Kalevi Kiviniemi will present works by Finnish organ composers as well as by Sibelius or Rachmaninoff.

But we have also prepared concert films from other continents for you: Christoph Bull will perform the Star Wars Suite on the organ of the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.

Prof. Fanxiu Shen will play “Picking Tea Butterflies” on the organ of the National Grand Theatre in Beijing.

In Korea, Dong-Ill Shin is waiting for you with a fantastic concert.

On the Rieger organ in Pretoria, South Africa you can experience Theodore van Wyk.

In Australia you will also hear Thomas Heywood.

Look forward with us to these and many more highlights of the 1st International Online Organ Festival.

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