Help IOOF to finish it’s production and make the festival happen

Help IOOF – International Online Organ Festival to finish it’s production and make the festival happen

Klick here to support the IOOF: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/organfestival/organ-stream-festival-2022-worldwide

Everything about concert films is great, but Live Events are the icing on the cake. That was our desire from day one. We wanted to share the knowledge of organists, their passion as well as their personality. Giving you the opportunity to be virtually part of it. Asking questions, looking behind the scenes, feel what it takes. That‘s what we really favor!

We have a great team around to help reach this, but it remains expensive. As ever to pay for expertise of those who can best be presenter, designer, producer. We underestimated the expenses we need to incur for our Live Events. Please help to make it happen, to complete our festival goals. Your support brings organ music into our midst.

For the number crunchers in this group, here’s a breakdown:

Production of Panels, Live Interviews, Webinars: € 4.200
Master Classes Production: € 2.200
Pre-Production: € 1.200
Trailer Video: € 1.300
Social Media & PR Campaign: € 1.100
Dogfood for Cleo: € 10
If you’re doing the math, you’ll notice this comes to round about € 10.000.

We are truly grateful for all your support! Small amounts, big amounts, any amount.


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