Frequently Asked Questions

IOOF Festival FAQ's

  • IOOF stands for International Online Organ Festival.
  • It will take place for the first time in 2022 between April 18th, 2022 and May 1st, 2022.
  • The IOOF is a kind of mini-Netflix for organ films from all over the world (concerts, documentaries, educational films) with additional PLUS content (live panels, master classes, webinars, Q&A interviews).
  • Live music must not be lost, but online is the best way to network the global organ scene. Anyone interested in the organ receives a curated overview of global organ art at the IOOF.
  • In addition, organs can be difficult to tour. The IOOF brings organs and concerts from all over the world to your home.
  • Exclusive, high-quality film contributions from the world’s major organ stages
  • A wide variety of organists, organ builders, organ-affine music colleges, organs and organ cultures from all over the world introduce themselves.
  • Live Events: Interactive exchange and teaching units by and with famous protagonists of the global organ scene in Q&A live interviews, panel discussions, webinars and master classes.
  • You can buy tickets right here on the homepage: LINK 
  • There are single tickets, bundles of 5 and 10, as well as the festival pass for the complete range of films.
  • Tickets can already be bought online. Keep an eye out for discounted early bird tickets and other discount offers. Subscribe to our newsletter: LINK 
  • The festival starts on April 18th, 2022 at 00:00 CET and the films will be released for ticket holders.
  • At the beginning of the festival on April 18, 2022, you will receive an email with your access link and all other information.
  • The production and organization of the IOOF costs around half a million euros. We don’t have a major sponsor and hardly receive any funding.
    DAS IOOF is therefore dependent on ticket sales and your support.
  • Please also visit our donation page: Click here LINK 
  • When you buy your ticket, you can voluntarily support the festival and the artists a little more than buying your ticket. You can also enter 0€ in the field, but we appreciate any support.
  • Yes, from an amount of 200€ you will receive a donation receipt. Please go to our donation page. The non-profit association “German Forum for Music and Theater Culture e.V.” is our support association. LINK 
  • The panel discussions, Q&A interview sessions and webinars are offered free of charge by the IOOF.
    You can voluntarily donate for this content here: LINK
  • Enrollment through registration
  • Link will be sent
  • 15 minutes before admission
  • Ask questions via chat and live
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