IOOF - Statement

- IOOF 2022

The situation in Ukraine makes us speechless. Those who play music, those who interact through music, are  NOT speechless.

Summer 2021 – Prof. Alexander Fiseisky of the Gnessin Academy in Moscow – possibly one of the most important contemporary Russian organists – agrees with IOOF to produce a concert film in the brand new Zaryadye Hall in Moscow. The inauguration of the organ a few years earlier was attended by more than 20,000 listeners in a record-breaking event. We were thrilled!

October 2021 – An email reaches us from Tchaikovsky University in Moscow. The famous Cavaillé-Coll organ – the last one the genius organ builder had built – had been extensively restored. The university decided to produce a high-quality film documentary of this unique process. We immediately agreed.

February 2022 – Russian combat units invade Ukraine as part of a ‘Special Operation’. A short time later, in an article by a Russian artist, we read this sentence:

It’s terrible to see that politics can’t save the peace. Anyway, culture is a life raft for all of us.

We decided to continue offering both Russian contributions and to donate our part of the proceeds. We are also putting together a Ukraine film feature on the organ scene there. We will also donate these ticket proceeds.

Our audience will make the decision whether to watch the Russian films or not.

Axel Kroell, Albert Ginthör, Hansjörg Albrecht

Munich, March 5, 2022

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